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Jason B. Kendrick is the author of It’s Not Your Life, It’s You (books 1 & 2), available on Amazon in paperback and E-book format. He is a transformational speaker, personal development coach, and co-host of the Mad Men of Masculinity radio show and podcast on YouTube. He lives in the Denver, Colorado area and works with the BeMen Foundation and A Course in Miracles communities. As an empath, intuitive, and son of a psychiatric nurse, Jason has always focused on what makes people tick and learning the why behind a person’s behavior. As a certified life coach, he uses his experience and personal development training to help get to the root of a person’s actions and behaviors. He helps them learn what’s unconsciously driving them so they can consciously make better choices in all areas of their lives. Jason is available as a keynote speaker, for individual and group coaching, and for workshops for organizations, businesses, and groups. 

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